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Pathfinder Career Exploration

Pathfinder provides Michigan residents with state-specific education and occupation information so they can make informed education and career decisions. It provides a complete training path picture when a career goal is chosen, assisting users in creating roadmaps to their future.

Visit to get started.

Public Act 88 of 2022: Post Graduation Opportunities Informational Packet

In June of 2004, the Michigan state legislators passed Public Acts 165 and 166 which modified Michigan laws related to sex education in public schools. Public Acts 165 and 166 outline the planning, training, and implementation mandates for HIV/AIDS and sex education (PA 165 of 2004) and a parent complaint process (PA 166 of 2004).

These acts stipulate the make-up of each district’s Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB) as well as their roles and responsibilities. Part of the role of the SEAB is to:
● Establish program goals and objectives for pupil knowledge and skills that are likely to reduce the rates of sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases; and
● At least once every 2 years, evaluate, measure, and report the attainment of program goals and objectives established under subdivision (a). The board of a school district shall make the resulting report available to parents in the school district. MCL 380.1507


PDF DocumentP-W Sex Education Two Year Report

All student paperwork (enrollment, athletic, and technology) will be housed in PowerSchool beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. You must have a Parent Portal account set up to access, fill out, and submit this paperwork.

To set up an account to view your child's grades and attendance through our Student Information System, PowerSchool, you will need your Parent Portal letter. To receive this, you may contact Stacey Johnston at Please be sure to let her know your name, the name(s) and grade(s) of your child/ren, and which building he/she attends. She will email you a copy of the parent information letter, as well as a tutorial video if requested to assist you in setting up your account.

If you have misplaced or forgotten your username or password for the website, please use the link on the website itself to reset them. We cannot see passwords, so are unable to provide you with that information.

If you would prefer to use a phone app to access PowerSchool, the required district code is RHSP.

PDF DocumentInformation on how to create a parent account in PowerSchool


SchoolMessenger is our phone and email notification service.  It is used in both emergency (snow days/delays) and non-emergency (informational) contexts.  

Parent and guardian contact information goes into SchoolMessenger from PowerSchool, our student information system.  Our ability to contact you in case of an emergency is only as good as the information that you provide to us.  It is imperative that you do the following:

1. Provide us with legible, updated information on the Student Registration Forms from the school office at the beginning of every school year.

2. Provide us with complete information for each of your children who enrolls in our district, no matter what building they are in or how many of your children we serve.

3. Contact the building secretary as soon as you have an information change, no matter when it occurs during the school year.

Please help us to do the best job we can to keep all of the children in our communities safe by following these instructions.  You may contact PW Elementary at 989.593.3488, and PW MS/HS at 989.587.5100. Thank you, and Onward Pirates!

Video DocumentRecording from the FBI Sextortion Presentation

The FBI and our local law enforcement partners are seeing a huge increase in the online targeting of our youth. More specifically, our youth are being targeted for extortion based on their online activities. What does that mean for you as the parent/guardian of a student? What can you do as parents/guardians? How can you help keep your child safe? What should you be talking to your children about?

This problem is not merely something we see “nationwide.” These threats are being seen locally, at an alarming rate. We want you, as parents/guardians, to be aware so that you can be part of the solution. An educated and proactive approach can prevent these threats from occurring.

External LinkFBI Sextortion Awareness Website