Onward Pirates!

Champions' Culture • Pursuing Our Personal Best


2019-2020 P-W MS/HS Vision Targets

#1  we will grow our champions' culture
#2  we will challenge our students to advance in the areas of leadership, ownership, respect, character, and responsibility
#3  we will foster inclusion through empathy, problem-solving, education, and relation-building
#4  we will mentor and advocate for all students and staff in need of support

Please see the Bell Schedule Page for information about class start and end times


Communication Process

Questions, concerns, and ideas routinely arise during the school year. This outline is provided to assist in communication with the appropriate person.

Step 1: Questions or concerns regarding instructional practices should go to the teacher first. A discussion should be scheduled with the principal if you still have questions after talking with the teacher.
Step 2: If applicable, items not resolved in Step 1 should be directed to the administrator or director who has responsibility in the area of concern.
Step 3: A conference with the superintendent is most appropriately held if questions or concerns have not been adequately addressed at earlier levels.
Step 4: The final level of contact with the district about a question or concern is the Board of Education. 

Upcoming Events  

June 2-4, 2020
MS/HS exams - half days for students

June 4, 2020
Last day of school - End of the fourth quarter/end of second semester

June 5-12, 2020
Flex days for snow day makeup if necessary

June 27-July 3, 2020
First summer shutdown - no contact between students and school employees/no students allowed on campus

August 2-8, 2020
Second summer shutdown - no contact between students and school employees/no students allowed on campus


Our Staff

Todd Simmons
MS/HS Principal
Lauren Christensen

MS/HS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Lisa Bartlett

MS/HS Counselor
Stacey Johnston

Instructional Technology Specialist
Diana Hengesbach

MS/HS Secretary
Kali Klein
MS/HS Secretary

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