On behalf of all PLANK members, welcome to Pewamo-Westphalia Middle School/ High School!


What is PLANK? PLANK is the name of a student group that was formed with one purpose; to make P-W a safe haven for students. Our goal is to spread compassion throughout the halls and to transform the language and atmosphere of the school so there is more encouragement, acceptance, support and unity.

PLANK is not an acronym but has a symbolic meaning. A plank has many purposes, it is used for support, like shelves in a bookcase, or to keep a person afloat and prevent drowning, or used to bridge a gap for safe travel from one spot to another.

Those are the goals of the PLANK program.  Our mission is to provide support for anyone in need, to keep each other from “drowning” in stress from school, problems with friends, worries about the future, and to make sure each student at our school is given the encouragement to “get to the other side” of whatever they need help with. PLANK is bound and determined to make life a little easier for the students of Pewamo-Westphalia.


PLANK Information

If you would like more information about PLANK, please fill out the form below. One of the staff supervisors will receive and evaluate your request before handing you off to a student PLANK leader.  Thank you, and Onward, Pirates!

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