Bond 2023 Information

P-W Plan: The Triple E" for our "Triple A"

Our facilities committee, as part of our strategic plan, focused on how we can bring both our Middle/High School and Elementary School buildings up to date and improve our current facilities. Our HVAC was a top priority with outdated heaters in the classrooms and boilers not adequately sized for the space. We worked with local and state agencies on audits and recommendations to improve our systems. At both the Elementary School and Middle/High School during the past two years, we have updated flooring, removed asbestos, repaired roofs and painted, as well as purchased furniture and updated spaces.  We are committed to creating a capital needs assessment that focuses on maintaining our facilities.  A bond referendum, not to exceed $17.6 million, will be up for vote to P-W Community Schools’ registered voters on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

The bond is focusing on areas determined in consultation with feedback from our community and staff and other stakeholders, in addition to commercial consultants. We came up with a plan to improve our current facilities by renovating and refreshing some outdated spaces, adding on to support our growing capacity and redoing some outdated/problem areas while being fiscally responsible to our tax payers. The "Triple E" Education, Efficiency and Exterior improvements for our "Triple A" Academics, Arts and Athletics. 

Video DocumentCompilation video - all bond videos in one click! (20:49)

Video DocumentTriple E for the Triple A

The plan includes the following, in order of priority: 

If you see video icon Video Document that means there is a video to watch to explain that part of the plan. 

Video DocumentInstall heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades for both buildings

Video DocumentConstruct new media center and classroom additions and renovations of the existing media center at the Elementary School

Video DocumentGrowth and Overcrowding at the Elementary School

Video DocumentExpand and renovate the Middle School/High School Cafeteria (has the MHS bathroom video tacked onto the end)

Video DocumentUpdate bathrooms in both buildings/ADA compliance (ES)

Video DocumentUpdate bathrooms in both buildings/ADA compliance (MHS)

Video DocumentMiddle/High School Science Labs

Video DocumentUpdate interior finishes and casework in both buildings/Update windows in both buildings

Video DocumentConstruct locker room building 

Replace lockers in Middle School/High School

Create new band room entrance in hallway

Video DocumentUpdate auditorium with new finishes, improved lighting and sound system

Improve sidewalks and drainage at the Elementary School

Video DocumentRepair drainage issues with athletic field, including the option of turf (TWO VIDEOS)

Video DocumentMill and resurface parking lot and playground updates

Video DocumentWeight room renovations

Resurface Middle School/High School parking lot 

Demolish storage building at the elementary school

Please join us for three upcoming informational sessions open to the public to discuss the current bond: 

Thursday, February 9, at 7 pm in the Middle/High School Library

Monday, March 20, at 5:30 pm in the Middle/High School Library 

Wednesday, April 26, at 6 pm in the Elementary School Gymnasium

Do you have a question for Mrs. Goodman? Please call 989-587-5110 or email If you would like a meeting with you or a group of neighbors, please call or email and we would be happy to set that up. If you would like to submit a question and have us reach out to you, please click here and fill out the form. 

Please check the information below for further details. The Department of Treasury approved our Preliminary Application and the Board of Education approved the call for the election. You can find the PQ application sections below under the appropriate headings or read the entire document here. Please continue to check out this page for videos and pictures! 


While we have utilized different funding sources including our general fund and capital improvement fund to renovate and repair our facilities, we do not have the funds to replace our outdated HVAC system, renovate our buildings and fix issues with our current facilities. Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools recently authorized a General Fund budget amendment for the 2022-2023 fiscal year that includes a budget deficit of $542,031. This is a very substantial deficit for a school district with budgeted General Fund revenues of $8,846,627 for 2022-2023. Our last bond was in 2014. Our facilities are in need of repair. We are committed to doing things right for our students, staff, and community.



Please see the estimated annual tax bill difference below. The current millage is 7.0 and the proposed bond millage rate would be changed to 7.75. This would be an increase of 0.75 mills. 

Current Millage Rates of Clinton County School Districts: 

Pewamo-Westphalia  7                                          St. Johns     7

Fowler                        7.34                                     Ovid-Else    7.8

Bath                           9                                           DeWitt       10

This chart shows different property prices with the present and proposed tax rate with the 2023 bond proposal.

Estimated Millage Calculator

Note: Community Members may be eligible for the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit (the "Credit"). The Credit is a method through which some taxpayers can receive a credit for an amount of their property taxes that exceeds a certain percentage of household income. This program establishes categories under which homeowners or renters are eligible. We would recommend that community members consult their tax provider for eligibility and further information.

The above is an ESTIMATE of your net tax impact from the increase in millage for the above proposed bond issue. It is an estimate only and should not be relied upon as tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor to determine the exact impact on your tax computations.