Enrollment Information 2023-2024

Welcome to Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools! Whether your student is brand new to the school experience or your child is transferring to us from another school, we are happy to welcome you to the Pirate family! 

This information is for parents of incoming students at all grade levels BK-12 (new to school students in BK-K, Schools of Choice students, and In-District transfers from our parochial school partners). If your student was already enrolled with us for the 2022-2023 school year and is returning, please check the page for that information as the enrollment process is different.

Please read the following information closely for directions on how to get your student/s pre-registered for school, and then how to access the enrollment paperwork, technology documentation, and athletic participation information as necessary.

First, we have created a help video for you in filling out the pre-registration form. Please feel free to watch it as you work on the short form.
Video DocumentPowerSchool Pre-Registration How-To

If your child will be enrolling at Pewamo-Westphalia Elementary School, please access the pre-registration form here:
External LinkPWES Pre-Registration Form

If your child will be enrolling at Pewamo-Westphalia Middle/High School, please access the pre-registration form here:
External LinkPWMHS Pre-Registration Form

Once the Pre-Registrations is approved, parents will receive a confirmation email with the details and information to create a Parent Portal Account. There is a help video for that process as well. Please note that if you had a PowerSchool account in any other school or school district, you will need to create a new account with us as the servers where student data is stored is specific to the school/school district. You cannot use this information to add your PWCS student to another PowerSchool server.
Video DocumentPowerSchool Parent Portal Creation for Enrollment Forms

For assistance in locating and submitting the online registration forms for your student/s, please watch this help video:
Video DocumentHow to locate and access the enrollment forms - new students

This information is for parents of students at levels K-12 who are returning to us (this means any student who was enrolled and finished the school year at either Pewamo-Westphalia Elementary School or Pewamo-Westphalia Middle/High School in the 2022-2023 school year).

In order to access any of the returning registration forms, the technology forms, and the forms to allow your student to participate in athletics this coming school year, you need to have a Parent Portal account in PowerSchool. If you do not have that already set up, please contact Stacey Johnston (sjohnston@pwschools.org) for assistance.

If you do have your account already set up, please view the video below for directions on how to access the forms for each of your students.
Video DocumentHow to locate and access the enrollment forms - returning students

Community members who have a student enrolled at either Pewamo-Westphalia Elementary School or Pewamo-Westphalia Middle/High School, the season pass form is located in the Parent Portal in PowerSchool - you can fill it out there, pay for it, and submit it.

For community members who do not have students enrolled in one of our two schools, please fill out the Google Form below. Someone will contact you to let you know when your pass(es) are available; we will advertise this information on our social media as well.

Google FormsAthletic Season Pass form - for community members without PWCS enrolled students only, please

School Specific Enrollment Questions

For specific questions regarding enrollment, feel free to contact the following personnel:

P-W Elementary:   Julie Farmer, Principal or secretaries Becky Thelen and Morgan Klein 989.593.3488

P-W Middle/High School: Ryan Portenga, Principal  989.587.5100 or Lisa Bartlett, Counselor 989.587.5100

Transportation Director:  Jeff Dygert 989.587.5100