Transparency Reporting


PDF DocumentCOVID Dashboard

PDF DocumentExtended COVID-19 Learning Plan Training Report

PDF DocumentExtended COVID-19 Learning Plan Reconfirmation April 2021

PDF DocumentExtended COVID-19 Learning Plan Goals

PDF DocumentStudent Expectations for 10-Day Virtual Learning

PDF DocumentGoal Reporting

Budget & Compensation Transparency Reporting

Section 1 – Budgets

PDF Document FY 2021-2022 Original Budget

PDF Document FY 2020-2021 Final Budget

PDF Document FY 2020-2021 Revised Budget

PDF Document FY 2020-2021 Original Budget

PDF Document FY 2019-2020 Final Budget

PDF Document FY 2018-2019 Final Budget

PDF Document FY 2017-2018 Final Budget


Section 2 – Current Operating and Personnel Expenditures

The Center for Educational Performance and Information compiles data for all public school districts in the State of Michigan.

PDF Document FY 2020-2021 Operating Expenditures

PDF Document FY 2020-2021 Personnel Expenditures

Section 3 – Current Bargaining Agreements

PDF Document Teacher Master Agreement, July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022

PDF Document Support Staff Master Agreement, July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022

PDF Document Teachers' Revised 2020-2021 Salary Schedule

PDF Document Teachers' Revised 2021-2022 Salary Schedule

Section 4 – Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Premiums are funded per the terms of each group's prevailing employment contract.

Insurance Plan Teachers           Administrators Support Staff
Medical/Prescription BCBSM BCBSM BCBSM
Dental MESSA/Delta Dental MESSA/Delta Dental N/A


Section 5 – Audited Financial Statements

Audited financial statements as submitted to the Michigan Department of Education.

The Michigan Department of Education collects audited financial statements for all public school districts in Michigan. Refer to the Office of Audits.

Section 6 - Medical Benefit Plan Bids

PDF Document 2021 Insurance Quotes

Section 7 - Procurement/Expense Reimbursement Information

PDF Document 2020-2021 Check Register

External LinkExpense Reimbursement Policy

External LinkProcurement Policy

Section 8 – Employee Compensation Information

Superintendent and other employees with 2020 W-2 wages greater than $100,000.

  • Superintendent Medicare Wages: $94,615
  • Superintendent Annuity: $5,000
  • Superintendent Insurances: $17,480
  • Superintendent Retirement/FICA: $35,376

Total Superintendent Compensation: $152,471

Section 9 – District Paid Association Dues, 2020-2021


  • Central Michigan Athletic Conference: $875
  • Michigan Association for Administrators of Special Education:  $90
  • Michigan Association of School Administrators: $995
  • Michigan Association of School Boards: $2,281
  • Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals: $1,100
  • Michigan Assn of Student Councils/Honor Societies: $125
  • Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Assn:  $85
  • Michigan School Band/Orchestra Association: $550
  • Michigan School Business Officials: $460
  • MIDeal - State of Michigan Purchasing Collaborative: $180
  • Michigan Science Teachers Association: $225
  • Quizbowl/MMAL: $250
  • Regional Educational Media Center Association: $2,413
  • Michigan Elementary/Middle School Principals Association: $320
  • Michigan School Counselor Assn: $65
  • Society of Health and PE Teachers: $40
  • Michigan Athletic Admin Assoc: $161

Section 10 – District Paid Lobbying Costs

In a shared-cost agreement with Clinton County RESA, Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools paid $1,234 toward the cost of legislative liaison services in 2020-2021.

Section 11 – Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

The district has not incurred a deficit, so no Deficit Elimination Plan is required.

Section 12 - District Credit Card Information

Card Holder, Limit

Superintendent: $3,000
Business Manager: $5,000
Administrative Asst.: $5,000
Maintenance Director: $10,000
Operations Director: $5,000
Tech Coach: $9,000
Elementary Principal: $2,000
Elementary Secretary: $3,000
HS Asst. Principal: $20,000
HS Secretary: $3,000
Band Boosters: $3,000
Transportation Dept. Gas Cards: $13,400

Section 13 - District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

In 2020-2021, the district did not fund out-of-state travel for its administrators. 

Section 14 - Mi School Data Portal

External LinkMi School Data Portal

Section 15 - Observation / Evaluation Tools

External LinkTeacher Evaluation

External LinkAdministrative Evaluation


Section 18 (2) of the Public Act 94 of 1979, the State School Aid Act, as amended, requires each school district and intermediate school district to post certain information on its website.  The Budget & Compensation Transparency Report is an opportunity to communicate to our community on how we utilize the resources that are provided to us.