School Messenger Contact Information

SchoolMessenger is our phone and email notification service.  It is used in both emergency (snow days/delays) and non-emergency (informational) contexts.  

Parent and guardian contact information goes into SchoolMessenger from PowerSchool, our student information system.  Our ability to contact you in case of an emergency is only as good as the information that you provide to us.  It is imperative that you do the following:

1. Provide us with legible, updated information on the Student Registration Forms from the school office at the beginning of every school year.

2. Provide us with complete information for each of your children who enrolls in our district, no matter what building they are in or how many of your children we serve.

3. Contact the building secretary as soon as you have an information change, no matter when it occurs during the school year.

Please help us to do the best job we can to keep all of the children in our communities safe by following these instructions.  You may contact PW Elementary at 989.593.3488, and PW MS/HS at 989.587.5100. Thank you, and Onward Pirates!