Elementary Learning Plan

With the advent of COVID-19, Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools closed the doors to its brick-and-mortar schools on Friday, March 13, 2020, with the required three-week state mandated shutdown. Our administration team was already hard at work, planning for how we were going to meet the needs of our students and families during this unprecedented time. We began providing both pick-up and delivered meals twice a week to district children from age 1 to age 18, and up to age 26 if that child receives special education services.

When that shutdown was extended for another week, and then, the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year, education in the entire state came to a halt as districts began to rework the way they "do school". Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools is uniquely positioned to be successful with this endeavor; not only are we a 1:1 district, but we have a highly motivated and dedicated staff, students who embrace and chase learning, and parents who support education. Together, we will get through this challenge.

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