MS/HS Announcements

June 2017

Chromebook Questions? Please contact Mrs. Stacey Johnston at or call 989-587-5100 ext. 5113

Dear Pride of P-W,
     Please see the following updates/reminders:

- our commencement trellis photos are available at the following link (please make sure to click the download button to view and save the full size image, and a big thank you to Cody Benjamin for taking the pictures) = - also in regards to commencements, a huge thank you to Mrs. Schafer, Mrs. Klein, and Mrs. Platte for decorating our stage and the surrounding areas within the FH!

- have you watched our LipDub2017 yet?!?! (it just might be our best 1 in 5 years!) = 

- we will have Sparrow Medical Group here to perform athletic physicals on June 06th from 6pm to 8pm in the FH locker rooms. The cost is $25 and all students attending must have a parent present at the time of the physical. All student-athletes must have a physical on file in Mr. Hobrla's office prior to practicing with teams next school year.

- as a reminder, student-athletes must ride the bus or w/ Parents to and from athletic events

- a reminder regarding our dress code, in that shorts/skirts must go past the fingertips, shirts must have sleeves, and modesty in the expectation

- as a reminder, our student-athlete attendance policy states that all student-athletes must be in school for the entire school day in order to practice/participate in competition/practice (physician's notes from a medical appt., Faith and family matters, etc. may be the exception - please proactively communicate w/ Mr. Hobrla regarding such questions)

- please see the following link, and please alert Mr. Simmons to any of our kids living in the listed situation(s): 

- with "spring in the air", please do everything within your control to ensure that your student is here on a daily basis

- our students' overall daily attendance needs to grow in order for learning to grow (please help us protect and fuel our champions' culture) - if your student is not able to be here, please call in his/her absence/tardy by 8am the day it occurs to assist us w/ student safety/security (989.587.5100)

- please continue donating to our PWSTC, as they support such great initiatives as our Helping Hands Fund ( - we thank all of those that have already donated to help others!

- in regards to PowerSchool grading updates, our Educators are expected to update their online grades 1 time per week, when there are assessments/assignments/projects to in fact enter into PowerSchool, unless otherwise communicated in their syllabus or on a special situation (ex. research papers, project-based learning, etc.), where more grading time is warranted - if you are not seeing your student's online grades/attendance being updated in the expected fashion, please contact the applicable educator and Mr. Simmons immediately

- if you are not yet set up w/ PowerSchool, please see the following video so you can track your student's attendance, tardies, and assignments: 

- as a reminder, in order to practice/participate in P-W sports, you must have a sports physical card on file in Mr. Hobrla's office; and on another note, student-athletes must be in school for the entire school day in order to practice/compete that afternoon/evening

- a huge thank you to the 3 community members/families that have donated nearly $20,000 to our strength/athleticism program and also to our athletics dept. - these alumni and supporters have passionately given back to our great school, in an effort to come alongside our kids, and for that, we are very, very appreciative!

- we are attempting to increase our Substitute Teacher pool, as there is a real shortage of Subs. - we have increased our rate of pay! - please consider applying online @, as we believe you would love working alongside our students and Team here!

- our strength/athleticism program runs for our current students on Mon., Wed., and Thurs. @ 4:15pm, starting outside of our auditorium (all students are welcome!) - we also have community hrs. for our weight room that are posted in the MuscleFarm - our summer "dead periods" have been set = June 27, 2017-July 3, 2017 and July 31, 2017-August 6, 2017 (during the "dead periods", our campuses and facilities are off limits to current students, and there can not be any staff-to-student contact during the listed dates, on nor off campus)

- please remind your student-driver about stopping whenever they see the yellow or red flashing lights on our school buses - we have had several reports of cars passing our buses when their flashers are on and we are attempting to prevent a tragedy

- please encourage your child to "plug into" some before/after school activities - our vision is that every student in our building joins at least 1 co-curricular group/organization/team - ex. robotics club, PWSTC, student council, PLANK, art club, quiz bowl, strength/athleticism training, etc. - if you would like to arrange a peer-tutor for your student, please contact Mrs. Bartlett @ 

- a few reminders for Parents/students: 1) cell phones are to remain in lockers during the school day and only HS students are permitted to use their cell phones during passing time and lunch, 2) please attempt to make plans w/ your student before school each day so to not ask Mrs. H. nor Mrs. D. to interrupt instruction, 3) please call our attendance line @ 989.587.5100 by 8am for any and all absences or tardies, and 4) our dress code calls for modesty

- we are still in need of additional P-W Booster members - despite the many contributions the Boosters have made to both academic and athletic causes, our membership has declined over the past few years - please consider jumping on board, and please contact Mr. Simmons if interested.

- please consider checking us (P-W Schools) out on Facebook or Twitter to see a lot of the wonderful things going on around here throughout the year!

- as a reminder, please assist us at home by encouraging and affirming our vision for a champions' culture - a vision where a champion process is valued much more than results, one's personal best equals one's success, and failures provide the soil by which growth occurs (let's keep encouraging and valuing effort/attitude/character over just outcomes)  

-  please see our updated 2016-17 MS/HS Educators office hours (please encourage your student to take advantage of the extra time our Teachers are volunteering by making appts. to garner assistance before/after school):
Mrs. Adams ~ W 3-4pm; other times by appointment
Mrs. Aldrich ~ Th 3-4; other times by appointment
Mr. Bashore ~ M-Th 3-4pm; other times by appointment
Ms. Blair ~ T 3-4pm; other times by appointment
Mrs. Butcher ~ W 3-4pm by appointment
Mrs. Christensen ~ M-F 7:30am-8am (in front office); after school by appointment
Mr. Cornman ~ M-Th by appointment
Ms. Dyer ~ M-F 7:30-8 am; during lunch; after school by appointment
Mrs. Esch ~ any day after school by appointment
Mrs. Griffith ~ Th 3-4pm; other times by appointment
Ms. Kent ~ M-F 7:30am-8am by appointment.
Mr. Keyes ~ M-Th 3-4 by appointment
Mr. Klein ~ M, T 3-4 pm
Mr. Kurka ~ M-F 7:30-8:00, other times by appointment
Mrs. McCord ~ M-F after school by appointment; HS lunch
Mrs. McGee ~ Th 3-4pm; other times by appointment
Mr. Pohl ~ any day after school by appointment with 24 hrs notice
Mr. Rademacher ~ before school, during lunch, after school with 24 hrs notice
Mr. Rehmann ~ during lunch and after school by appointment with 24 hrs notice
Mrs. Sedlacek ~ M-Th after school by appointment
Mrs. Tien ~ M,T, Th, F 3-4pm; W 7-8am; after school by appointment
Mr. Voisinet ~ Any day, any time by appointment
Mr. Wrzesinski ~ T, Th 3-4pm; W 7-8am; other times by appointment

2016-2017 P-W MS/HS Vision Targets
 1. We will grow our champions' culture (we expect personal best).
 2. We will make technology an effective ingredient to quality instruction.
 3. We will implement proven, effective instructional methods.
 4. We will utilize data to drive instruction via interim assessments
 5. We will increase the rigor, frequency, and HOTS of our formative, interim, & summative assessments.
6. We will keep our Atlas curriculum maps "alive."

General Announcements

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