MS/HS Announcements

December 2017


Chromebook Questions? Please contact Mrs. Stacey Johnston at or call 989-587-5100 ext. 5113

Dear Pride of P-W,
     Please see the following updates/reminders:

- we will follow our 1st sem. exam schedule, commencing tomorrow (Fri.), w/ 2nd and 3rd hr. exams, and then running the other 5 class periods on a shortened bell schedule

- Parents of P-W 6th-12th graders:
     Our P-W Boosters PING PONG BALL DROP is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 12, 2018 at halftime of the Girls' Varsity Basketball game.  As of last night, at our Booster meeting, we only have had around 80 of the 400+ tickets returned!  These were initially handed out at Parent-Teacher Conferences.  If a parent didn't receive their child's, they were given directly to the student at school.  If you haven't seen this, please check with your child to see if he/she has it.  This is our biggest fundraiser for the Boosters and the more returned makes is more successful!  Thanks for the support of P-W Boosters!

- As way of promoting community and fellowship, P-W Community Schools is proud to present a Holiday Meal to all students this year.  The MS/HS building will celebrate tomorrow (Fri., Dec. 15th), and the Elementary building will celebrate on Mon., December 18th.  Our Food Services staff will be preparing ham, cheesy potato casserole, fresh dinner rolls, corn, and a fruit crisp.  We have staff members helping to serve food or donating their time and talent to make additional desserts or decorations.  There will also be music and extended time for the students to enjoy their time with one another.  We are hoping this helps to show them what they mean to us here, and how glad we all are to be part of the Pewamo-Westphalia family.  The meal is free to all PWCS students; no student will be charged for eating that day.  Please encourage your child to take part in our celebration of community.

- the following is for MS Parents from Mrs. Griffith:
Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,
      We are planning a field trip to the Ionia Theatre to see the movie Wonder on Wed., Dec. 20th.  We will leave school after lunch at 11:25am and return by approx. 2:30pm.  The movie Wonder is based on the award-winning book by author RJ Palacio.  This movie deals with themes common to a lot of middle schools:  bullying, fitting in, and peer pressure.  Ultimately, it urges viewers to see life’s challenges through multiple perspectives.  The movie encourages compassion and perseverance, 2 qualities we hope to build within our champions' culture at PW.  If you wish to read more about this movie, visit Common Sense Media’s review:
      The cost is $10 per student, which includes the ticket price, a drink/popcorn combo, and offsets some of our transportation costs.  Please return the permission form and cash or check payable to "P-W Schools" by Fri., Dec. 15th.  We do not want cost to be a barrier to participation, so please contact Mr. Simmons if cost is an issue.
      In an effort to encourage students to finish strong before Christmas break, students must be passing 6 out of 7 classes in order to attend, and they cannot have any discipline infractions.  Oftentimes, students who are failing a class are missing multiple assignments.  Students will have until Fri., Dec. 15th to turn in missing assignments in an effort to raise their grades.  While we want this afternoon to be a fun reward, we also want to encourage student responsibility.
      We are also looking for a few parents willing to chaperone.  Please contact me at if you are willing and able or if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Mrs. Griffith

- we will once again be hosting our HS talent show on Dec. 20th - unfortunately, we will not be able to host visitors to the show, as we are going to have our auditorium packed to the gills w/ our HS students and staff (our current auditorium will barely fit our HS students, let alone our entire student body)


- student-athletes must be in school for the entire school day in order to participate in practice/competition that day

- our PLANK peer-mentoring group is starting a new mentoring program - every Thurs., a group of PLANK's will be staying after school in the library, and will be available to talk, play games, do team building activities, help with homework, or just listen - anyone and everyone is welcome!  

- please remember to call in (989.587.5100) your student's absence or tardy by 8am the day of the absence/tardy - this is a student safety matter

- to help our students keep their cell phones in their lockers, please consider emailing your child during the school day, as their chromebook serves as a valid communication medium (HS students may go to their lockers to use their cell phones during passing time and lunch, whereas MS students must leave their phones in their lockers, turned off, for the entire day)

- for communication sake, we are intentionally pushing our students more than ever to collaborate, communicate, critically think independently, reflect, analyze, problem solve, and present/create/produce their learning - this form of student-centered learning tends to be uncomfortable and challenging, but with encouragement, perseverance, and grit, growth tends to occur (please assist us in affirming the coping strategies needed to succeed through adversity)

- to grow our champions' culture, increase social and emotional growth, and encourage self reflection, please ask your child, "how do you treat other students?", and "is that the way you would like to be treated?"

- 1st sem. exams = Dec. 15th-Dec. 20th

- we have started a Clothing Closet for P-W students in need.  We are accepting brand new boys/girls/men's/women's clothing (with price tags attached) in all sizes (for all grade levels) throughout the year.  So, the next time you're out shopping, please consider adding 1 more article of clothing to your purchase for a student who might otherwise go without.  Thank you for caring!  Please, drop your donations off in the MS/HS Art room with Ms. Blair.  You may contact Ms. Blair at the MS/HS at (989)587-5100 with any questions.

- please consider removing electronic devices (ex. phones, chromebooks, game systems, etc.) from student's bedrooms at night, as we are continuing to hear about our kids staying up to all hours of the night playing games, watching videos, texting, messaging, etc.

- please have a conversation with your child about academic integrity, and more specifically, the definitions of plagiarism and cheating - often times a proactive communication can solve the matter before it even starts

- our P-W Boosters are planning our next big fundraiser! - Volunteers will be handing out an envelope for each P-W Middle/High School student to parents as they pick up report cards on Nov. 9 & 10.  Each envelope contains 1 raffle ticket and information regarding the 'Ping Pong Ball Drop Raffle' to be held at the girls varsity basketball game on January 12, 2018 -  the PW Boosters will be handing these envelopes out and will be prepared to handle ticket sales as well.  The cost for each raffle ticket is $20 and the prize is $2500.  This year we've  added a student seller incentive of $50 to be drawn for all sold tickets.  Although, there is not a space for the seller's name on the ticket stub, we have record of every ticket and which student is responsible for selling it.

- please see the following article outlining the fact that we once again had 1 of the highest combined SAT scores in the entire state of Michigan - congrats to our students, educators, and parents!:

- if you happen to know any student who is living in any of the following situations, please let me know immediately, so we can assist them right away:  __in a shelter        __in a motel or hotel      __with more than 1 family in a house or apartment
__in a car    __campsite or campground   __with friends or family members (other than parent/guardian)
__living alone  

- please see the following list/link of our educators' office hrs. for this school year (what a great way for your student to make an appt. to get 1-on-1 assistance from his/her teachers!):

- please continue to encourage the ideals of our champions' culture at home, where personal best is the barometer - we believe a positive attitude, tremendous work ethic, high character, and authentic relationships are the marks of true success, and we need your help in getting our kids to focus on a champion process, rather than just results

- our strength/athleticism program hours for the school year = Mon., Wed., and Thurs. @ 4:15pm-5:20pm, mtg. outside the MuscleFarm

- if you have any questions/concerns with your child's education, experience, and/or participation in athletics, please go to the source (i.e. contact the Educator, or the Coach, or the person in charge of that particular activity)

 - we continue to work to increase our Substitute Teacher pool, as there is a real shortage of Subs. (and we have increased our rate of pay!) - please consider applying online @, as we believe you would love working alongside our students and Team here!

- a reminder that all student-athletes must have a sports physical card on file in Mrs. Christensen's office prior to practicing with teams this coming school year (the physical must have been administered after April 15th, 2017 to be valid for this school year)

Our 2017-18 MS/HS vision targets
#1  we will grow our champions' culture
#2   we will utilize our data to drive instruction/improvements via interim assessments
#3  we will implement proven, effective instructional methods (teaching is for learning)
#4  we will make tech. an ingredient to quality instruction
#5  we will increase the frequency, SAT format, and rigor of our formative, interim, and
    summative assessments
#6  we will keep our Atlas curriculum mapping "alive"

General Announcements

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